State Representative - Tom Rice


Georgia House District 95






I am thankful to you the voters to have served as your State Representative in House District 95 since 1997. District 95 is composed of one precinct in John’s Creek (JC13A), all of Peachtree Corners, Old Norcross, two precincts in Duluth and all of Berkeley Lake.

The District 95 is home to 53,000 people. I want to help each one by legislating in a fashion that

1.Preserves our liberties

2.Creates a favorable environment for job and opportunity growth

3.Invests in high performing k-12 and higher education attainment

4.Protects our citizens with the best public safety force

5.Provides better transportation mobility

6.Does the above at the lowest possible cost in taxes.

I have attempted to provide strong, principled leadership in the State House.  For example, my fight to restrict the growth of state government has led me to never voting for an income or sales tax increase.  More proactively I have led in the fight for eliminating the “Birthday Tax” on your next car, tort reform, immigration control, teen driving controls, improved custody conditions for children of divorce and property tax reductions. 

Further, I have worked for you by making it a) more difficult for illegal immigrants to gain access to public benefits, b) enhancing adoption opportunities, c) allowing 11th and 12th grade students to go on to our technical colleges with the state funding following them.   As Chairman of the Motor Vehicles Committee I have led the way in increasing your safety and that of your family by extending the seat belt law to pickup trucks and seting new rules for the use of booster seats.  Finally, I am chairing the House DUI Study Committee which will assess the success of the current law in reducing DUI related deaths, injuries and property damage.

One of my greatest joys as a State Representative is talking with constituents about issues or possible ideas for legislation. If you would like to contact me, feel free to e-mail via the contact page on this web site or call me at (770) 447-9646.

Thank you again for the great opportunity to represent you.